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By November 23, 2020 "In the World"

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The NBA championship is behind us for this year, but part of the reason one team did not advance in the playoffs was the preferential treatment given to a star player. Los Angeles Clippers’ superstar Kawhi Leonard was reportedly given the authority to take himself out of games whenever he wished, to simply skip games to rest, and to live in another city. The latter frequently made him late for team flights. “When you’re one of the best players in the world, and responsible for so much of the success, the organization is going to take care of you,” wrote one reporter. “Fair or not, that’s just how it works. At a certain point, though, a line can be crossed where that arrangement starts negatively affecting other players, and that’s when things can go bad.”


James wrote to early Christians who were bending over backward to give preferential treatment to rich people who attended their church gatherings. They also treated the poor badly, making them stand in the back or sit on the floor. Such discrimination—in favor of those who were likely to exploit or defraud others—was a gross misrepresentation of the gospel.

  1. Why do we tend to give preferential treatment to the rich, beautiful, or famous?
  2. In what ways does God honor the poor?
  3. How could you emulate God’s impartiality today?

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