In the World–November 3, 2019

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California authorities recently invalidated the licensing test scores for more than 1,400 pharmacy students, after it was revealed that some of the test questions had been leaked online. Officials defended the move, saying they want to be sure that their pharmacists are competent to take care of patients. But for the majority of students who did not cheat, their futures are put on hold, some have missed out on job openings, and none know how they performed in the assessment.


In our passage today, Paul urges Christians to assess themselves when it comes to their faith. Those who pass this self-exam are able to restore and encourage each other through God’s power. Such people don’t mind if they score low in human strength, because this allows God’s power to be strong through them.

  1. What’s the hardest test or exam you’ve had to undergo?
  2. How does it make you feel when you read that Paul asks us to examine ourselves in the faith? Nervous? Confident? Unsure?
  3. When has your faith been most sorely tested? What happened as a result of that test?

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