In the World–November 8, 2020

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This summer, television actress Naya Rivera (33) drowned after getting her son, Josey (4), back into their boat. Rivera, who appeared on TV’s Glee, was a strong swimmer. She had rented a pontoon boat on Lake Piru northwest of Los Angeles and had tweeted the day before how much she and Josey were enjoying spending time “just the two of us.” The boy was later found asleep on the drifting boat, but Rivera’s body was not found for another five days. Experts speculated that she might have been caught in currents that rise up in that lake. Her last act was to save her son’s life.


Jesus called the disciples to love one another with sacrificial love. They could not know how truly Jesus would soon live out this command. No one can show greater love than to lay down his or her life for another person. The idea becomes even more amazing when we realize that the Creator laid down His life for the creature.

  1. What is the strongest illustration of sacrificial love that you have personally witnessed?
  2. How would you characterize our culture’s attitude toward denying oneself for another?
  3. Which of your rights or comforts might you lay down to love someone else?

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