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Last month, when 18-year-old Waterbury, Connecticut resident Justin Gavin saw a flaming SUV roll past him with a little girl looking out the window, he sprang into action. “I’m yelling, ‘Stop the car! Your car is on fire!’” Gavin recalled, but the driver couldn’t stop. He ran after the vehicle as flames began to consume it and started unloading the three children in the back. This included a 1-year-old baby in a car seat. He then got the mother out just as the fire engulfed the SUV. The police chief awarded Gavin with a “Challenge Coin” medal, one of the highest civilian awards the city gives, hailing the young man as a hero. “I just felt like if I was in that situation,” Gavin said, “I would want somebody to help me out. I guess my instincts took over.”


As King Saul began his mental and spiritual descent, he gave orders for the execution of young David. The young man had recently saved the nation of Israel by defeating Goliath in single combat. Saul’s son, Jonathan, had developed a friendship with David. So when he heard his father’s irrational command, Jonathan interceded for David. He reminded Saul of how David had helped the kingdom and done the king nothing but good. Saul rescinded his order, and Jonathan brought David back to Saul’s court as before.

  1. When have you been in an emergency situation, and what did you do?
  2. How have you interceded for someone (or how has someone interceded for you)?
  3. What do you think prompted King Saul to give the order for David to be killed?

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