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This month, Hurricane Dorian made its slow, menacing approach to Florida and the eastern seaboard, leaving death and destruction in its wake. In its predicted path, people rushed to stores, quickly buying out the fresh water, canned food, batteries, and gasoline. People also hoarded things they knew they didn’t need, purchasing them “just in case” because of the fear they felt in the face of an uncertain future.


In the wilderness of the Sinai Desert, the children of Israel also faced an uncertain future. The people walked through an environment infamous for its inability to support life. And despite how God had repeatedly proved that He would provide for them, they nevertheless hoarded even the daily manna God miraculously gave them. But what they saved from the previous day was eaten by worms. God wants us to trust Him to provide every day, because we always live in uncertain times. We are His people, and He is our provider and protector.

  1. What’s an impending disaster or uncertainty you had to prepare for?
  2. What would you say to someone who says we shouldn’t work or prepare at all but should just trust God?
  3. Why is it sometimes hard to trust God when fearful possibilities loom?

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