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Fires have raged for weeks in Brazil’s Amazon rainforest. The Amazon is earth’s largest and most fertile rainforest. It is responsible for generating 20 percent of the world’s oxygen, earning it the nickname “the lungs of the planet.” The fires, which may have been caused or at least helped by deforestation in the region, have left two million acres smoldering in barren ruin. What has been life-giving has suffered harm, and hopefully will become fertile again.


Hannah was Elkanah’s first wife, but she lived in grief and pain because she was infertile. Though Elkanah honored Hannah with his love, he took a second wife to bear children to his name. Perhaps Hannah wondered if God were punishing or cursing her by closing her womb. She cried out in prayer at the site of the Tabernacle, making a vow to God if He would make her fertile. Eli the priest heard her and added his blessing to her request for a child. Soon thereafter, her barrenness and her grief were taken away, and she brought forth a son.

  1. Have you lived through grief and pain similar to what Hannah went through?
  2. What might you say to someone who feels that God is punishing or cursing them?
  3. What story or event can you recall in which someone’s shame was turned to honor?

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