June 20, 2021: Healed by Faith (Matthew 9:18-26)

To engage the learners in a study of the Scripture text:

Option 1: Explore the context by distributing copies of the “Jesus in Context” exercise from the activity page, which you can download here. Depending on the nature of your class, either have learners stay in their groups of four to complete this or return to their original pairs to do so. During  whole-class discussion of results, stress that this listing is itself only partial in helping us understand Jesus’ mission.

  • If all your learners are online, consider using Zoom Breakouts (which you can learn about here).
  • If some of your learners are online and others are in the classroom with you, consider breaking the in-person learners into groups together and using Zoom Breakouts for the online learners.

Option 2: Have learners work individually for no more than one minute to complete the “Reactions to Healing” exercise on the activity page as indicated. After calling time, surprise your learners by ignoring what they wrote and instead polling them on which of the four characters they chose to evaluate. Focusing on the reason why, explore what their choices say about them personally.

Note: Whenever you distribute copies of anything, use hard-copy (paper) handouts for those physically present and e-copies for those joining online via Zoom, etc.

Tip: For a tutorial on how to use Zoom breakouts, go here. For many other Zoom tutorials, see here. A key to using Zoom effectively without fumbling is to practice ahead of time!

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