June 27, 2021: Rescued from Doubt (Matthew 14:22-33)

To begin the session:

As a closed-Bible pretest, distribute copies of the “True, False, and When?” exercise on the activity page, which you can download  here. Allow learners only one minute to complete it individually. Assure your class that you will not collect the tests—they will score their own. Have them do so when the minute is up.

Make a transition by saying, “Water is a tricky thing: it can be life-giving in one context and life-threatening in another. But in either case, the water itself may not be the main issue. Let’s see why.”

To encourage personal application:

Have learners discuss in triads their response to the exercise “I Just Don’t Get It!” on the activity page. This will cast a wider context for learners to relate their own experiences of faith and doubt.

  • If all your learners are online, consider using Zoom Breakouts (which you can learn about here).
  • If some of your learners are online and others are in the classroom with you, consider breaking the in-person learners into groups together and using Zoom Breakouts for the online learners.

Note: Whenever you distribute copies of anything, use hard-copy (paper) handouts for those physically present and e-copies for those joining online via Zoom, etc.

Tip: For a tutorial on how to use Zoom breakouts, go here. For many other Zoom tutorials, see here. A key to using Zoom effectively without fumbling is to practice ahead of time!

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