September 13, 2020: Obedient Love (Genesis 41:25-33, 37-40, 50-52)

By September 8, 2020 Teacher Tips

To begin the session:

Distribute copies of the “Storytelling” exercise from the activity page, which you can download here. Have learners pair off (physically and/or via Zoom breakouts) and share their stories. Ask for volunteers to tell briefly their stories of someone whose faith helped them through a difficult time.

After the activity say, “Everyone’s life has its ups and downs. This was especially true of Joseph. Let’s see part of the result of his faithfulness.”

To encourage personal application:

Distribute copies of the “Your Life Tree” exercise from the activity page to complete as indicated. This can be a do-at-home activity.

Note: Whenever you distribute copies of anything, use hard-copy (paper) handouts for those physically present and e-copies for those joining online Zoom.

Tip: For a tutorial on how to use Zoom breakouts, go here. For many other Zoom tutorials, see here. A key to using Zoom effectively without fumbling is to practice ahead of time!

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