September 5, 2021: Praise with Music (Exodus 15:11-21)

To engage the learners in a study of the Scripture text:

Distribute copies of “The Problems Before the Praise” exercise on the activity page, which you can download here, to complete in study pairs as indicated. Since this section has both a Bible-study element and personal reflection segment, you may wish to save the latter for the end of your class time.

  • If all your learners are online, consider using Zoom Breakouts (which you can learn about here).
  • If some of your learners are online and others are in the classroom with you, consider breaking the in-person learners into groups together and using Zoom Breakouts for the online learners.

To encourage personal application:

To close the session, distribute copies of the “His Love Lasts My Whole Life” exercise from the activity page, to complete as indicated. Allow individuals to share their compositions, but don’t put anyone on the spot to do so.

Note: Whenever you distribute copies of anything, use hard-copy (paper) handouts for those physically present and e-copies for those joining online via Zoom, etc.

Tip: For a tutorial on how to use Zoom breakouts, go here. For many other Zoom tutorials, see here. A key to using Zoom effectively without fumbling is to practice ahead of time!

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