In the World–April 24, 2022

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Earlier this month, a Utah man slammed his car into a man sitting on a parked motorcycle. Surveillance video shows the car approaching and then accelerating toward the man and motorcycle. The car hits, sending the bike crashing away and the rider upside-down in the air and off the hood. Miraculously, the rider hops to his feet, mostly uninjured. But the driver leaps from the car and attacks the man. The driver fled but was soon arrested. He insisted that he believed the unarmed motorcyclist was a hitman who had been hired to assassinate him. He said he’d had a hit out on him since 2009 and decided that it was time to kill or be killed. His bondage to a fear of death caused him to try to kill an innocent man.


Jesus told some Jews who had believed in Him that they needed to be set free from their bondage, and He said He was the one who could grant their freedom. This offended them, and they made the outrageous claim that they were free and had never been slaves of anyone. Jesus primarily meant that they were slaves to sin, and yet this offended them even more. Nevertheless, He promised that they could be set free—free indeed—by the Son of God.

  1. What’s the most serious traffic accident you’ve ever witnessed or been part of?
  2. When do fears, especially irrational fears, tend to come upon you?
  3. Why do you think the Jewish believers were offended by Jesus’ words about freedom?

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