In the World–December 13, 2020

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This fall, on a rainy night in Greenacres, Florida, a car lost control, went off the busy highway, and landed in a flooded canal. Off-duty Battalion Chief Frank Marciante witnessed the accident and stopped. The car was already submerged to the top of its windows. Nevertheless, Marciante dove in, reached the young woman through the passenger side, and pulled her to safety. “If it was not for his willingness to put her life before his, the outcome would have been very different,” Fire Chief Brian Fuller said. “There were many other witnesses to this accident; however, only one got out of his vehicle and dove into the water to save her.”


When Joseph learned that Mary, his betrothed, was pregnant, he was doubtlessly outraged. Evidently, there was also an element of fear involved, because when the angel appeared to him in a dream, he told Joseph not to be afraid to take Mary for his wife. Perhaps Joseph was afraid of the social consequences of marrying her or of the scorn he and Mary—or the baby—might have to endure. But when he was assured that God was commanding him to marry her, he set his fears aside.

  1. When has fear held you back from doing something you wanted to do?
  2. What fears might prevent a wedding from going through as planned?
  3. If you have felt God calling you do to something scary, what did you do?

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