In the World–January 24, 2021

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As we anticipate the 2021 Olympic Games in Tokyo, we may recall that the 2008 Beijing Games were the scene of an incredible display of Olympic spirit. The Danish sailing team was favored to win the gold medal in the men’s 49er competition, but in rough seas just before the final race began, their mast broke. When the team from Croatia, who had not qualified for the medal race, heard that the Danish team needed a boat, they sprinted to the marina to get theirs rigged for the race. “For them it was just a natural thing to do—‘These boys need a boat, we have a boat, they’re getting our boat,’” one of the Danish sailors recalled. “They were true legends, really nice guys showing true sportsmanship.” The Danish team went on to win gold.


Christians around the world and across time are united by the Holy Spirit. Truly, we may have more in common with a brother or sister from a completely different culture or era than we do with our next-door neighbor. Jesus prayed that the world would comprehend that this unity is a sign that the same Spirit is within us all, which would be a further testimony that He and the Father are one.

  1. What club, alma mater, or affiliation best unites you with people who are otherwise strangers to you?
  2. If there were no language barrier, what could you talk about with a believer in a very different culture?
  3. How well or poorly do you think the world sees unity in the Church, and why do you think that is?

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