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Back in December, in the earliest days of the coronavirus in China, Dr. Li Wenliang and seven other doctors were reprimanded by state officials for warning people about the outbreak. Dr. Li, who was 34, used social media to tell friends about the emerging threat. Police rebuked Li and the other doctors, asserting the government’s official position that there was no danger at all. The disease became a worldwide epidemic, and last month, Dr. Li died from the coronavirus he warned about.


In our text today, the prophet Amos delivers God’s judgment on Israelites who pretended righteousness while injustice and sin ran like a virus through the whole community. They preferred the official position that their sacrifices exhibited pure hearts, but God exposed the acts as empty rituals. They were making God sick because their false beliefs allowed corruption to thrive among them.

  1. What was it like when you or someone else battled a frightening illness?
  2. How can pretending that something is untrue harm ourselves and others?
  3. What can be done when you feel that your heart isn’t truly right before God?

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