In the World–March 20, 2022

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In the early days of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, business owner Vladislav Guristrimba awoke to explosions and missile strikes near his home. Russian missiles were bombarding Kiev’s airport, not far from the Guristrimba residence. Vladislav and his wife, Dariya, made hasty plans, and three days later they and their five children fled the fighting to meet up with Dariya’s parents. In the city of Sokryany, on the border with Moldova, Vladislav got the family to safety. But instead of joining them in the rescue, Vladislav remained in Ukraine to help other families find their way to safety. Using his resources and contacts, he arranged for the escape of others to Moldova and Poland. “I’m not going to fight,” Vladislav said, “because I’m not military. My value is as a manager. I can be a manager in a military system or a volunteer system.”


After the Jewish captives had lived so long in Babylonian exile, the new ruler—Darius of Persia—allowed them to return to Jerusalem to rebuild the temple. Under Ezra’s leadership, the Temple was rebuilt, and in the sixth year of Darius’s reign, the people dedicated the house of the Lord by celebrating Passover. Their relief and joy over how God had rescued them overflowed in seven days of celebration.

  1. What emotions has the invasion of Ukraine brought up in you?
  2. If an invasion happened in your nation, what would you do?
  3. When have you been rescued from something? How did you celebrate?

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