In the World–May 9, 2021

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British television network ITV has begun shooting a dramatic portrayal of a notorious crime committed in 2002. John and Anne Darwin, an English couple in their sixties decided to fake John’s death in a canoeing accident in order to claim nearly $1 million in insurance payouts. The scam involved Anne reporting John’s death to police and then lying to their two sons, who were devastated by the loss of their father. Meanwhile, John lived in a secret room for five years, using the stolen money to plan for he and Anne to begin a new life in Panama. Their crime was discovered when an amateur sleuth, acting on a tip, Googled “John,” “Anne,” and “Panama” and found an image of the couple in Panama, and then contacted media and the police. The treacherous plans the Darwins kept secret were revealed to the world, and their expectations were thwarted.


People in Isaiah’s day thought they could hide their treacherous plans from the Lord. They went to great lengths to do so, and they were confident that He would never find out. One of their worst offenses was that they claimed to honor the Lord with their words and offerings, but their hearts were far from Him. Their hypocrisy would bring about God’s judgment, and their expectations of deception would all be dashed. But God nevertheless remained with His arms stretched out to His people and gave them hope for the future.

  1. What’s an example of someone you know who tried to deceive but whose plans fell apart?
  2. How do we sometimes claim to honor God but don’t?
  3. Since we know God understands our private thoughts, why do we sometimes think we can hide from the Lord?

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